Castillos humanos / Human castles

Después de los Correfocs, los Castells y los Castellers son mi tradición catalana favorita. Fotografiarlos es difícil, porque siempre están rodeados de muchísimas personas y además necesitan espacio para las bases de los Castells. Lo mejor es presenciar una Diada Castellera, donde Castellers de diferentes barrios, pueblos o ciudades compiten y tratan de hacer Castells más complicados.











After the Correfocs, the Castells and the Castellers are my favorite Catalonian tradition. Photograph them is kinda difficult because they’re always surrounded by large crowds and they need some space for the base of the Castells. The best thing is go to a Diada Castellera or competition where Castellers from different neighborhoods, villages or cities compete and try to build more complicated Castells.

2 thoughts on “Castillos humanos / Human castles

  1. Great photos!

    By the way, we must have been standing near each other when you took these. I have a similar photo of that little girl in your fifth picture. She’s so cute!

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