Places that I love: Tossa de Mar


Tossa de Mar, un pueblo en la Costa Brava, es uno de mis destinos favoritos del verano. A pesar de que hay muchos turistas, el ambiente es tranquilo, la parte vieja con sus murallas medievales es preciosa, hay una buena variedad de restaurantes  y las playas son muy bonitas.


Tossa de Mar, a town located in the Costa Brava, is one my favorite summer destinations. Even when there are lots of tourists, the ambient is pretty quiet, the old part with the medieval walls is beautiful, there’s a good variety of restaurants and the beaches are very nice.

4 thoughts on “Places that I love: Tossa de Mar

  1. Breathtaking…I love that you share in two languages. I wish I could be bilingual in fact my thirteen year old wants to learn Spanish so we have been thinking of Rosetta Stone. We will be following your blog is so exciting and inspiring I am looking forward to following. My gratitude is your, Allie.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Allie!!! At first, I was going to make the blog only in Spanish… but then I realized that most of my visitors come from non-Spanish speaking countries so I chose making more simple texts in order to do posts in both languages 🙂 Until the next post! Bye!

  2. Francisco, gracias por mostrarnos lugares tan bonitos y con tanta historia como Tossa del Mar. Dan ganas de irse para allá. Deben hacerse bonitas fotos nocturnas, sobre todo a la muralla.

    Saludos desde

    • Hola! Y gracias por el comentario. Sí, Tossa tiene un encanto y una vibra muy especial! Desde la muralla también se pueden hacer bonitas fotos nocturnas de la playa y el pueblo. Saludos!

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